CBK Oak Leaf Litter

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Introducing our Sanitized Oak Leaf Litter, sourced exclusively from trees that have never been treated with pesticides or chemicals. This premium substrate is carefully processed to ensure cleanliness and quality, making it the perfect choice for creating a natural and safe environment in your terrarium or vivarium.

Our Sanitized Oak Leaf Litter offers an authentic forest floor experience for your reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. The oak leaves provide a soft and textured surface, allowing your pets to engage in natural behaviors such as burrowing, hiding, and foraging.

Beyond its natural aesthetics, our oak leaf litter also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy terrarium ecosystem. It acts as a substrate for beneficial microorganisms like springtails and isopods, which aid in waste decomposition and contribute to a cleaner and well-balanced environment.

With our meticulous sanitization process, you can rest assured that our Oak Leaf Litter is free from pests, pathogens, and chemical residues. The leaves undergo thorough screening and sanitization to remove any potential contaminants, ensuring the safety and well-being of your cherished pets.

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