Arcadia Jungle Dawn 18" 22 Watt

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The Jungle Dawn 22 watt, 18.5-inch LED Bar is simply the most advanced terrarium LED light on the market. Bright enough to encourage active basking in arid species, provide lush growth for plants, and increase visible light levels dramatically. These new Full Spectrum High Output LED diodes put out an unparalleled 138 lumens per watt!!! Jungle Dawn also includes a daisy chain cable, so you can connect multiple fixtures and only use one plug! Jungle Dawn LED Bars provide the perfect color temperature (6200 K°) while providing incredibly high PAR and CRI. The state of the art HO LED diodes used in Jungle Dawn HO LED Bars put out more light because they don't need to add PAR limiting red and blue diodes. The light produced by this fixture mimics natural sunlight along the "Photosynthetic Active Response Curve." Finally a light that provides as much quality as quantity. Includes LED light bar, daisy chain cable, and fittings kit to allow you to fit this bar inside of a vivarium and with a 'Link' cable. Fits standard mesh top terrariums 18-inches wide.