Magic Potion Isopods (Japanese line) 10 count

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Armadillidium vulgare  

Japanese "Magic Potion" Isopods – a captivating addition to your vivarium and terrarium setups. These exceptional isopods are renowned for their bio-active cleanup abilities.


With an average size of 2.1 centimeters, these medium-sized isopods thrive in well-maintained vivarium enclosures. They have a natural talent for breaking down organic matter, including mold, rotting leaves, wood, and fecal matter, ensuring a pristine and balanced environment.


At Cold Blooded Kingdom, each order includes a minimum of 10 well-established juvenile isopods. These highly sought-after creatures have gained significant recognition within the community.


Enhance your vivarium with the Japanese "Magic Potion" Isopods and create a thriving habitat. Place your order now and experience the wonders of these fantastic bio-active cleanup crew members.